How to Replace an iPod Nano Battery By Yourself

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iPod Nano is a popular music player powered by an internal lithium-ion battery. This battery is rechargeable but still will wear out after frequent use. To replace a new battery guarantees enough power to the electronics and longer time of enjoying music.

Since the iPod Nano battery is soldered onto the device’s motherboard, you’d better take it to a professional or Apple shop for replacing it. If you want to do it by yourself and save money, you can purchase a high quality iPod Nano battery replacement at some electronic accessories online stores such as MuchBuy, be carefull enough and follow the repair guide step by step.

1. Power off your iPod Nano. Wrap tape around the sides of the metal back case, if using anything other than a plastic pry tool. This protects it from scratches as you take apart the Nano. Apply tape around every side of the Nano, where the metal backing meets the plastic front case.

2. Wedge the pry tool into the groove that separates the front and back metal case to disconnect the clips that hold the front and back case together. Work the pry tool around all sides of the iPod Nano. As the pry tool moves around, continue to separate the front and back case from each other. When the cases have loosened enough, remove the back case.

3. Shake the separate front and back cases to remove any excess debris or filings. Peel up the yellow plastic tape that holds down the three wires connected to the battery. You may need a pair of tweezers to lift up the tape. Notice the arrangement of the wires — the white wire is on the right, the red wire in the middle, and the black wire on the left, toward the center of the case.

4. Pull the battery out and lay it beside the Nano. The battery is a flat, silver object laying in the battery bay next to the motherboard, connected to the motherboard by the three wires. Don’t pull the battery from the motherboard or wires. The wires will have to be soldered off. Grab the first white wire with the tweezers to hold it apart from the other two wires.

5. Touch the tip of the hot soldering iron to the end of the white wire near the lead on the motherboard. The wire should separate. Repeat the process to remove the other two wires and then you can remove the old battery.

6. Remove any tape around the wires of the new Nano battery and separate the wires a little. Set the new battery into the battery bay and arrange the wires so the ends touch the appropriate lead. The white wire should touch the lead nearest the right edge of the case, the red wire is in the middle and the black wire should touch the lead nearest the center of the Nano.

7. Hold the white wire with the tweezers. Hold the end of the white wire to its lead on the motherboard with the soldering iron until it is firmly in place. Repeat with the red and black wires. Touch the tip of the solder dispenser to each lead with the connected wire to apply a little more solder. Then touch each lead with the soldering iron to further melt the wire into place.

8. Flatten the clips with the pry tool around the interior edges of the metal case. These clips got pushed forward when you pried the case apart. They will have to be pushed back, or flattened, for the back and front case to reconnect. Position the bottom of the back case on top of the bottom of the front case. Push the cases together so they clip back together on every side. Power the iPod Nano on and it should power up.


Replacing the iPod Nano battery is not like replacing the battery in a regular iPod or iPod Touch. It requires removing and resoldering the batteries’ leads to the logic board, which takes considerable technical skill. So if you decide to repair your iPod Nano all on your own, make sure you have enough skills and time.

By Sophia.MuchBuy

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Great iPod Accessories You Should Know

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Got an iPod as Valentine’s Day gift? Wow, that’s really cool! Welcome to the club of the world’s most popular MP3 player. The iPod craze is just so fascinating! However, do you know what you should do after getting an iPod?

You can purchase the different iPod accessories that can well add to the charm and functionality of your iPod. But I’m afraid that you’ll be confusing with the hundreds of iPod accessories that are currently available in retail stores and on the internet.

To help making your choices quickly, here are some great iPod accessories for all you individuals who have had challenges in trying to find the right accessories for your iPod.

iPod Cases are indispensable for your fragile iPod

If you think that those colorful cases are just for convenience and cosmetic purposes, you’re wrong. Believe it or not, iPods are actually fragile, and the electronic components inside of them weaken every time that the device is dropped. When water enters one of these devices, either through accidental immersion or by being exposed to rain, there is always a chance that the electronic components inside of them can become damaged or corroded. So In general, do not drop your iPod. While this may not preventable in all circumstances, you should make sure to purchase a protective case and should avoid using your player on a rainy day and or exposing the earphone jacks and electronic parts of the earphones to water.

iPod armbands are needed when doing exercise

You’ve probably seen plenty of joggers with iPods, and maybe you are one yourself. Music is a great motivator, but the repeated jostling motion of jogging and other types of exercise can also weaken these devices over time, which is why one of the most popular iPod accessories that Apple sells is the iPod armband. Ifyou have one of the bigger iPod models, try holding it in your hand and again, purchasing a strong and sturdy case for it to prevent it in the event that you drop it.

Enjoy favourite songs while driving with iPod car devices

There are dozens of products in the category of devices that connect your car stereo to your iPod. There are a less expensive solutions to this problem that are inexpensive battery-powered devices that utilize your iPod headphone jack that sends audio to the connector of the stereo. The iPod car kit includes the equipments that help you to listen to your favourite songs loaded in your iPod while driving your car. You can also connect your iPod to your car stereo and listen to the variety of songs being played at the various radio stations. However, if you are in search of simplicity as well as quality, you could locate some car audio connectors that are somewhat more expensive that gives you the ability to mount your iPod holder onto your dashboard. By using a power cable that is attached to your car you can quickly and easily listen to your iPod and recharge it at the same time.

Play music in the open airi with iPod speakers

IPod speakers connect to all varieties of iPods (and occasionally some other, similar MP3 players) in order to play music in the open air rather than strictly through headphones. This allows music to be shared with others in a room, and lowers the risk of hearing damage from headphones. IPod speaker systems vary from docking stations to portable plug-in speakers that attach via headphone jacks. Available in various sizes, iPod speakers may be similar to a traditional shelf system, or small and durable for maximum portability. Other models are even waterproof for use in the shower.

Various iPod headphones to enhance your music life

iPod headphones are another fantastic choice. Choose from a range of headphones for your iPod such as wireless headphones, sports headphones, DJ headphones, and noise canceling headphones.

iPod docking stations add more convenience

iPod docking stations are also a convenient accessory for your iPod. Most docking stations help you utilize your computer or home speakers while charging your iPod at the same time. A variety of docking stations are available in the market to suit your budget and taste.

You can really personalize your iPod in many exciting ways. Hope you can make full use of your iPod. Grab some of the great accessories now for your iPod for an enjoyable and fun filled experience.

By Sophia.MuchBuy

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DIY Car Accessories to Show Your Own Style

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Most people prefer choosing car accessories that fit for their own styles. DIY a few practical basic car accessories ensure you save money while provide your ride with a look no one else has. Let’s get started!


Seat covers add to comfort and cover stained, ripped or otherwise damaged upholstery. Change the look of the car by choosing colors to suit your style. Make no-sew car seat covers out of extra-large beach towels. Safety pin the towel to itself behind the seat, underneath the towel where the pins won’t show. These absorb heat and don’t stick to or scrape the skin: a big improvement over vinyl or cracked leather seats. Large bath towels called bath sheets may also work (and come in more sedate and solid colors). Get a towel at least an inch wider so there will be room to pin it. For truck bench seats use two towels, one over the back rest, the other tucked in the crease and covering the seat. Use large coveralls (cut off the legs above the crotch and pull down over the seat, with the zipper or buttons in the back) or big T-shirts and tuck the ends in the seat’s crease. Cotton Indian bedspreads make great seat covers for a fun retro look. Make seat covers out of your old wet suits. Neoprene stays comfortable to sit on year round. Seat cushions designed for outdoor furniture come in fade-resistant durable fabrics. These make a good solution when it’s only the seat and backrest that need to be covered.


Reduce clutter in the car and make car trips more enjoyable by using organizers to keep your music and sunglasses in easy reach. Get a box, such as a gift box, the right width for your CDs or iPod. Cover it with self-adhesive shelf paper in any color, solid or print. For an iPod holder, get a bag of decorative rocks from a discount or craft store (leave them in the net bag) and put them in the bottom of the box. The weight will help to keep it in place on the seat. Hang sunglasses over the edge of the box. Keep your cell phone or PDA handy in the box, too. Add compartments by cutting stiff cardboard to fit the interior of the box and reinforcing them with tape. Cover the dividers with shelf paper before inserting them, for a custom look. Use the same idea to make a larger box for other gear you often carry: field glasses, kid’s toys, tools, utensils, sunscreen, hats, beach gear, etc. Keep a towel wadded on top to camouflage valuables.


Add a small wastebasket to the car to keep it clean. Take a large can at least eight inches in diameter and cover it with self-adhesive vinyl shelf paper, for example in black. Add stickers for a custom look. Put it in the floor well on the passenger side of the backseat so it’s easy to get to. Live green and economize. Create your own natural air fresheners: cut a piece of lightweight cardboard (such as from a file folder) into any shape you want. Soak it in a mix of peppermint oil and water (or other scent). Make a hole in it with a hole punch or ice pick and put a cord through it to loop over the rear-view mirror. Make your own cleaning products: vinegar and water for window cleaner. Apply it with newspaper for streak-free clean and save money on paper towels. Use diluted liquid castile soap to remove stains on floor mats, clean vinyl and soak off tree sap.

By Anna.MuchBuy

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How to Listen to Your iPod Through a Car Stereo

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The Apple iPod is wonderful because you can take your music collection with you wherever you go. One place you deffinitely want to be able to listen to your iPod is in the car. You can do this with the help of a car adapter, but you need to know the two best car adapters for use with iPods, which one is right for your, and how to use it.

Tape Adapter

  1. Use a tape adapter, if you have a tape player in your car. The easiest and least expensive way to listen to your iPod is through a tape adapter. These basically look just like a cassette tape with a wire attached that runs to your iPod.

  2.  Purchase a tape adapter. It’s best to buy one that is specifically made for iPods since ones that are not can cause annoying your iPod to randomly pause. Tape adapters specifically for iPods are available fairly inexpensively at any electronics or music store.

  3. Plug the end of the cord into the headphone jack of your iPod. Slide the tape end into your car’s cassette player. Now press play on your tape player and play music on your iPod normally. The music will be played through your car speakers.

FM Transmitter

  1. Use an FM transmitter. If you do not have a tape player in your car, you can listen to your iPod via an FM Transmitter. This is a device that plugs into your iPod’s headphone jack and broadcasts the music over an FM radio station so that you can listen to your music on your car’s speakers.

  2. Purchase an FM Transmitter at an electronics or music store. The most important thing to look for when buying an FM transmitter is to get one that can play on ALL the FM stations. Some transmitters only play on a few of the least-used stations and if you happen to live in an area where these stations are broadcasting, you are out of luck.

  3. Find a clear radio station to play your music over. Turn on your car radio to FM and listen to each frequency until you find one that has almost no noise. Set your FM transmitter to that station number (i.e. 94.5). Play your iPod normally and the sound will be played through your car’s speakers.

Enjoy the beautiful music in your car! By the way, If you are looking for cheap accessories for you iPod, it may be a good choice for you to visit online store! Check out now!

By Sophia.MuchBuy

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Make Your Car Stand Out by Car Accessories

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Maybe standard car works for some people, there are still some others who prefer to customize it with accessories that make the car stand out. You can find car accessories that fit your unique personality, whether you’re interested in fairies and princesses or sports teams. You don’t have to go all-out to purchase accessories for your car—in fact, a few new things can alter the look.

Car Kits

A body kit will make it one of the best car accessories to dramatically alter the look of your car. It typically comes with pieces for the front and back bumpers and the sides. The pieces are fiberglass and look like the manufacturer-made car. When looking for a body kit, you have to specify the type of car that you have. What works for one car may not work for another. Alternatively, you can purchase kits for the inside of your car that will modify the dashboard or seats.


The fun extends to the inside of your car, which gives you even more flexibility. You can purchase a new steering wheel cover in leather or fur—look for a design that fits your personality, such as an animal print or one with a cartoon character. You can often find matching shoulder pads for the seat belt. Purchase air fresheners, which come in a variety of styles and scents. Seat covers and new dashboard mats also help to create a unique look.

Audio and Video

Audio accessories help you to create a better driving experience. Replace the original speakers with better quality ones and purchase an accessory to use your iPod in the car. A bluetooth device allows you to talk on the phone hands free. If you have young children in the car, you may want to install televisions in the car, which are especially helpful in making it through long rides.


If you enjoy tailgating, then you’ll enjoy accessories that enhance that experience. With a trailer hitch on your car, you can set up hammock chairs that allow you to relax while socializing. Don’t forget to purchase team accessories—you can attach flags to your car or find seat covers and floor mats with your team’s logo.

Now you are the proud owner of a brand new car, and most important, your car will be so outstanding in the crowd. Enjoy the feeling of uniqueness and difference!

By Anna.MuchBuy

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