How to Convert Traditional Christmas Lights to LED Lights

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LED lights are more energy efficient and safer as they produce more wattage per bulb at a fraction of the cost and virtually unbreakable, which makes them an excellent choice to replace traditional Christmas light bulbs. Replacing the traditional lights is easy to do and will draw a lot of attention to your outdoor Christmas display.

1. Plug the Christmas string lights into the wall outlet to ensure that all lights are working properly and fully functional. Then unplug the lights from the wall outlet, make sure that there is no electrical current running through the Christmas lights when you replacing the bulbs.

2. Remove the traditional bulbs from the string of lights. Gently hold the bulb between your thumb and forefinger and pull it out of the housing.

3. Compare your old bulbs with the new LED lights to make sure you’ve got the right size. If you still have it, check the box the lights came in to see what size the bulbs were. You can also take a bulb to the store and ask for help in determining the proper-size LED.

4. Remove the LED bulbs from the package. Carefully inspect the package to determine how much wattage it uses. LED bulbs use less wattage than typical lights, so more of them can be strung together. If the package says they are 0.04 amps, then you can get string together about 20 to 30.

5. Place LED lights in the empty sockets of the string of Christmas lights. Turn each LED bulb clockwise in the socket until it is firmly secured into place. Repeat this process for the entire string of Christmas lights.

6. Plug the Christmas lights into the wall outlet again to ensure that the new LED lights are working properly. The LED bulbs should all be glowing at the same intensity and not flashing. If any of the LED lights are not functioning properly, unplug the string of lights and tighten or replace the bulb with a new LED light into that socket as needed.

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