What to Do When You Get a White Screen on Your iPod Touch

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A white screen on an iPod Touch may be alarming but it could be simple to fix. Usually when this happens the white screen won’t change and the iPod is frozen on that screen. A white screen could stem from several causes, so you must troubleshoot the device to remedy the problem. Apple Support outlines a specific series of steps to take to deal with this problem, from turning the iPod Touch off to completely reinstalling the operating system if necessary. And the fix could be as simple as charging the iPod, or as complex as restoring it.

What the White Screen Means – The white screen is a sign that a software error has occurred in the iPod Touch. Unless you received an error message first, it’s usually something near the root level of the iPod’s operating system that caused the iPod to cease functioning normally. Rather than shut off completely, it goes to this white screen to let you know there’s been an error. Unfortunately you usually lose unsaved information when this occurs.

Charge the iPod – If your iPod touch suddenly goes blank while you are using it, the culprit could be a low battery. Prior to the screen blanking you may see a low battery indicator. If the screen is completely blank, try plugging the iPod touch into a power source and letting it fully charge before attempting to use it again.

Restart the iPod – If you’ve got a white or gray screen, try to restart the iPod. Sometimes a simple restart will solve the problem that initially caused the white or gray screen, and the iPod will work as expected once you have turned it off and on.

Reset the iPod – Resetting the iPod Touch goes a step further than just restarting, and it is a good option if you’ve charged the iPod and restarted and you’re still seeing a blank, white or gray screen. Press on the “Sleep” and “Home” buttons simultaneously for at least ten seconds before releasing the buttons. At this point, you should see the logo or a battery icon, if the phone needs to be charged.

Restore the iPod – If nothing else has worked to remedy the malfunctioning screen on your iPod touch, try restoring the device. Connect it to your computer and open iTunes, then click on “Restore” which is found under “Summary.” Be sure to back up your files when prompted, because the restore will change all of the settings on your device back to the factory default. If even this does not work, you almost certainly have a hardware issue, and will have to take the device to an Apple store for examination and possible replacement.

Problematic Apps – If you consistently receive a white screen while using a particular app, the app may be faulty or installed incorrectly. Try re-syncing the app to your iPod Touch and see if that solves the problem. Otherwise, you may need to delete the app to avoid the white screen problem.

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