What to Do When Your iPhone Power Button Stuck

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There may be a common issue of the iPhone that the power button can stick when it comes across a slight fall or kind of minor damage. Actually the power button of your iPhone can also get stuck because of dust or other obstruction that lodged under it. If the power button of your iPhone also have this problem, you may now be trying to fix it.

Take your iPhone to the Apple retail store. Apple extends one-year limited warranty protection to anyone purchasing an iPhone product. If an issue covered by the warranty, such as a broken power button, occurs within one year of the iPhone’s retail purchase, Apple will pay for repairs through a licensed Apple service provider, replace the iPhone or refund the price of the entire purchase. To take advantage of Apple’s limited warranty, bring the malfunctioning iPhone to an Apple retail store and show the defect to a representative.

Have it fixed by a third-party repair service. If the Apple warranty will not cover the repair for your iPhone, you can still have the stuck power button fixed by a third-party repair service. A repair service provider will open the iPhone case and replace both the power button and the flex cable that the power button controls. A repair service will be able to address most common issues affecting the functionality of the iPhone power button, including a cracked or missing power button or a power button that cannot turn on the iPhone.

Try a few different manual repair techniques. If you don’t have time to take it into your local Apple retail store or even send it off for repairs, then you need a quick, temporary fix. There’s a few different manual repair techniques to free the iPhone’s power button from its stuck position you can try.

You can use canned air to blow into the space around the power button to try to loosen any obstruction keeping the power button stuck. You can also try to loosen the blockage with fine bristles, such as those from a toothbrush. If it’s still stuck, you can try the following step.

1. Press the “Home” button on your iPhone and slide the “Unlock” bar all the way to the right to unlock your iPhone.

2. Press down the top, right-hand corner of the iPhone’s faceplate down with some pressure. Don’t add too much pressure, as this may cause the screen to crack, but enough pressure to where you can feel the faceplate bend a little. Pressing this part of the phone will move the button a bit so that it is able to make contact with the keys inside when you press it.

3. Press the “Power” button and the iPhone should lock back up. If this doesn’t work, do not apply more pressure; simply take the iPhone to be fixed as soon as you can.

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