A Transformer.

transformer toy


If you want to see how crazy this world could be, then you must try The Transformer serials screened in 21th century or the cartoon.

Bio-technology, automatic, A.I, are what the movie mainly showed. So, what is in your mind when you see a car turns into a giant robot and he can talk?

For me, I have to say, unbelievable. Besides, do you think it would happen that there are two different robot gangs in which one protects human while another wants to rebuild the world?

For me, I do not know. It’s too far to tell.

Since I have born to this world, one thing I firmly believed in is we human beings are the master of this world under the god. Right now, things changed. We believe if there comes no help from the angel robot, our society would be totally destroyed by the evil team. Because little chance would come to human for survive at the war. We can’t fight against them to win any way. We have body, we will blood when we get hurt, and we would die if we have been harmed badly. Not like them, the transformer robots, they would live forever if only their power supply goes with them all the time.

However, we do not afraid them, as they are made by our hands. In a word, they are just robots. Nothing big deal.

We create, we ruin. That’s we human act like all the time.

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When There Comes A Baby To You

pre-educational kid‘s toy

We were a baby once. So here is the question: what a baby should do?

Eating, Sleeping, and crawling.

However, as parents who used to be children, they would not just let their baby do these three little stuffs. Now, this world is totally different than our parents lived in. The booming competition, human’s potential, and the advanced technology exploration wants, and other things, all gives one signal that if you want to refresh this world a little, you have to start it at the very beginning, a baby.

Therefore, having had this kind of thought, we are trend to do stuffs. When we decided to have a baby, we’d make sure our body is good that we exercise a lot and try everything to get a healthy living. Then, when we’re pregnant, we’d make some antenatal training, like reading, playing music, and healthy living condition. Finally, a new life comes to this world.

To make their baby grow better, they’d feed him well, taking care of him well, and teaching also. But how? Games where our creativity comes from solve things out.

There, none parents could tell how their children would grow up like; all they do is just give their babies a chance to enjoy their infinite curiosity and making things.

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Can You Make It?

Stand right, focus, and swing. This is how we play golf.

Besides, a caddy that catches the ball, the golf club, and a golf cart are where this game started.

Easily begin, end hard.

Actually, things will happen like this that we always get so closed to success and we can’t finish the final step all the time. Success costs time in which quantity of perseverance is needed, and it should be greatly paid for, like your family time, your part of pleasure, and your health both physical and mental. However, same as the golf play, success is worthy of everything that needs cost. It is a pleasure. We do not have to worry about whether in the end we could come to the final or not, the one and only thing is that we do not just hang out here and there at the golf square.

Every time, when we lost the ball direction, we use the ball retriever catch it back and then we restart. You see, there are so many times for us to try another play, and you just have to keep focus and fighting up.

Finally, nobody knows how long you will take before your ball comes to the destination, and neither yourself. Nevertheless, once you have had a direction, just shoot the ball confidently, as you will not lose your way forever no matter where you are trapped in, except you give up on.

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We Love the Sky Blue!!!

battery universal charger


Don’t ignore the power of nature.

London on December 4th to 12th, 1952, was spoiled by the darkness Fog. The sky died, so did people.

L.A, in 1940s, was captivated very longer with the Photochemical Smog. Light came with life went away.

We so believe in god. He gives us life, the nature, and the earth. Then, what he gets returned are death, the hell, and the Venus. Best gift we human beings made ever to our beloved god.

Gradually, we human beings get surprises from the gift that god had been given. And this is the world come to be: the sky smokes all the time, the land shocked brutally, and the wind transformed into the storm. Even worse, our life gets hurt easily.

So what should we do?

Back to London and L.A, they are history now. Human makes history. We killed the fog and the smog. Now it’s time for us to kill the bad things.

For contamination and pollution, we use new recycling power instead disposal resources; for power, we explore natural forces as our supply, like the sun, the wind, and hydro projects, and etc.

Actually, when you’re home, there are lots of things you can do, too. For example, use eco-friendly bags, give up on one time battery, and take on public transport regularly instead home cars…

So, have a little faith, and move now. If we fight with ourselves hard, the sky will blue again, but not our mood!!!

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Science Lights Up Your Health.

blood pressure monitor

Why are we human beings so stronger?

The answer is, I guess, human society goes very forward.

At the very beginning of human beings, our living conditions are extremely bad. We easily die; we fight with fierce beasts to get food; we also get hurt by the bad weather. At that time, we lived in caves, ate raw materials, and wore leathers and leaves. We fought with everything so that we could survive. We made it.

As time went by, we knew how to make fire, weave clothes, and most important, we got the skills to protect ourselves, our tribes, and our ethnic groups. Then, we got more survive skills to live longer. Plant, breeding, medical caring, production, and etc, no matter what were good to our safety, we learned it; no matter what were bad, we corrected it.

Days at now, things are so different than before.

We human are on the top of the chain. We can create what we want by using science, and take what we need from mother nature. Sometimes, we would feel lost, because there are people crowded around the earth every corner. So we explore to the out space. We make spacecraft, lunch manned rocket, and go to the moon, the Mars. However, possibilities we make all this real are under the good condition of the medicine. People say, everything is made for a reason. And technology is made for people’s health assurance. Though, we can not take every disease down, we take precautions against them so that we can know our daily health in time and in exact. Back to the market, if you has taken a bit notice on it, you would find kinds of monitoring devices, magic pills, body consolidation equipments, curing methods are full of your eyes. Standing there, you could know how it feels when health can be paid.

Therefore, you do not have to be worried about what would happen to you when you have disease; all you have to worry about is that how good you want to be looked like as you were.

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